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President's Report

January has already come and gone! 2021 seems to be flying by so quickly. I hope this newsletter finds you all happy and healthy.

We look forward to a wonderful year growing and learning together. The Board recently approved the purchase of a Zoom account to help facilitate our monthly programs. We are committed to investing in the chapter to provide quality programming content and opportunities for our members.

I hope everyone enjoyed the recent HR Day on the Hill. Please feel free to share your feedback with us.

I invite you all to attend our February program HR is a Marathon: How to Stay Motivated in the Marathon of Uncertainty presented by Matt Jones.

Remember, we are here for YOU! If you have any program suggestions or chapter ideas to share, we would love to hear from you.

Stacey Scalf

WSHRMA President 2021

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Calendar of Events

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FEBRUARY's virtual meeting

February 10, 2021  12:00PM-1:30PM PST

Session Title: HR is Marathon: How to Stay Motivated in the Marathon of Uncertainty 

Presenter: Matt Jones

Session Description:

Matt's Keynote, "HR is a Marathon” will inspire and empower HR Professionals to drive business success through conversation. From Matt’s story of overcoming insurmountable odds your HR members will walk away empowered to put into action the strategies Matt shares. From his experience of going from a three-time cancer conqueror to completing eight marathons on eight continents after relearning how to walk, your members will learn how they can stay motivated as a HR Professional.

This talk offers the following benefits for those involved in HR:

  • Reigniting One’s Passion and Purpose as a HR professional
  • How to Stop Stress before it Stops You
  • Learn the Three Choices to Stay Motivated as a HR Professional
  • How to Operate at a greater level of Excellence
  • Discover how to Thrive in the midst of Adversity, Setbacks, and Failures to achieve greater Victory


Presenter Description:

Matt Jones is known as the “Eight Continent Marathon Man.” He went from being a three-time cancer conqueror to relearning how to walk, to going through a bone marrow transplant, to completing eight marathons on eight continents. This includes Antarctica and the and yes that includes Antarctica and the newly discovered continent of Zealandia. Matt was diagnosed with cancer on September 11, 2002. After spreading to the fluid in his brain doctors did not think he would live. After victoriously conquering cancer, he was told by his doctor, no one has gone through what he did and be alive one year later. Baseball Hall of Famer George Brett said, “Matt is a true champion and his story inspires others to be a true champion.” Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton said, “Matt Jones has done what anyone would consider impossible. Conqueror. Overcomer. Champion. Superhuman. None of those words do him justice." Matt is the author of numerous books and travels around the world sharing his inspiring story and message. For more information about Matt please visit his website at


$20.00 Member Ticket

$30.00 Non-Member Ticket


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Insights on Diversity & Inclusion

Image result for black history month images free

Over the past year as HR professionals, many of us were challenged to spend more time thinking about and working towards developing solutions to Diversity & Inclusion in our workplaces.

In keeping that momentum going, what is your organization doing to celebrate Black History Month? An important month meant to promote and celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans, it is necessary to also recognize its design to counter negavtive and racist sterotypes ingrained in American culture. What can you do to help support diversity in the workplace this month and year-round?

A few resources to help you get started or maybe even add to ideas you are already doing:




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*In Case You Missed It!*

in case you missed it!

Brought to you by: John Bower, WSHRMA Legislative Director

Virtual Day on the Hill Delivers Real Nuggets

Engaging speakers brought valuable information and kept attendees engaged all day with useful tips and guidance, making the 2021 virtual WA SHRM Day on the Hill a huge success! Here are a few nuggets from each presenter:

Catharine Morisset (Fisher Phillips) provided guidance for employers electing to mandate employee COVID-19 vaccinations before returning to the workplace:

  • Ensure the requirement is job-related and a job necessity
  • Have a policy
  • Consider how to communicate to your team
  • Allow for reasonable accommodations for disabilities and document the interactive process
  • Allow for reasonable accommodations for religion
  • Pay for the vaccine
  • Pay employee for time taken to get the vaccine
  • Train regarding storage of medical information/records
  • Consider workers’ compensation (if time loss results from vaccine)
  • Train managers

A couple more reminders from Catharine:

  • Washington employers carry the burden of proof to demonstrate and prove employees have truly taken their required rest and meal periods – not just had the opportunity to take them.
  • Be aware of Washington’s overtime rule and the salary basis test. The minimum salary thresholds are higher than the federal FLSA and they differ for small and large employers.

Kara Craig (Vigilant) spoke about managing mental illness in the workplace and cautioned us to not conduct welfare checks on our employers because “you can’t unsee” what you may learn. Now “notice” is given. This includes Facebook and other social media. While it’s not HR’s job to “save” everyone, utilizing your company’s EAP is encouraged now more than ever. When assessing possible mental illness situations, Kara suggests:

  • You have a “duty to act” – investigate, observe, and only utilize reliable third parties.
  • Ask the right questions (narrow, purposeful, job-related, consistent with business necessity).
  • Train supervisors to recognize triggers and engage HR early in the process (Pass the “Hot Potato”).
  • Initiate the interactive process, talk to the employee early and often, document what you talk about, and don’t give up. FINISH THE PROCESS!

Joyce Allen (Outreach Specialist, WA State Dept. of Labor & Industries) raised awareness about reimbursement programs available through the State’s L&I programs in the areas of light-duty, retraining, and preferred workers.

Jason Barrett (Lead Policy Analyst PFML, WA ESD) delivered highly coveted updates and clarification on Washington’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Act. The maximum weekly benefit amount increased to $1,206 in 2021, which is based on the State’s average weekly wage. A few pearls from Jason included:

  • When determining benefit payments for claimants, ESD is only concerned with hours worked.
  • Employers should clarify with employees if an employee’s PTO is a supplemental/top off benefit, which employees do not need to report on their weekly claim.
  • STD plans or HR benefits are OK – “It’s not double-dipping!”
  • Employers should not report supplemental benefits in their quarterly reporting.
  • Grants are available for small businesses (50-150 employees) for
    • Costs of hiring a temporary employee to replace an employee on leave for more than seven (7) days
    • Other significant additional wage-connected costs (i.e., OT paid to other employees working to cover the workload of the employee on leave).

Bob Battles (AWB) wrapped things up and provided an overview of employment law legislation for the 2021, similar to his WSHRMA presentation last month. A couple of notable bills include:

  • HB 1073 – Paid Family Medical Leave – This bill would expand coverage by broadening family member to include “blood or affinity.” It would also eliminate the 820-hour requirement and replace it with $1,000 in wages earned requirement, among other proposed changes.
  • SB 5097 – This bill seeks to do much the same as the House bill but retain the 820-hours worked requirement.

An all-day virtual event is difficult to do well and keep all attendees engaged but this year’s event did just that! Well worth the price of admission ($55 for SHRM Members)!

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Scholarship Corner

2021 SHRM Foundation Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

The SHRM Foundation launched its 2021 Scholarship, Grants, and Awards offerings, including several new awards focused on promoting equity and representation in the HR field, while incentivizing skills development that improves the broader workplace. Awards such as the Workplace Policy Conference, HR Exploration, and Student Membership are open to non-members to draw awareness to the field of HR and solidify SHRM as the organization that can support them throughout their career. In total, the SHRM Foundation offers more than $500,000 in awards that support over 300 recipients, helping them achieve career success. If you have questions, contact Dr. Vernon Williams or visit the SHRM Foundation Scholarships, Grants, and Award website.

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SHRM Certification

Why Get Certified?

  • It’s a stamp of excellence!
  • Certification helps you get hired!
  • It can help you earn more money!
  • Certification keeps you current!

 Register now, applications  FOR SPRING being accepted APPLY NOW

  • The spring testing window to take the exam is May 1 – July 15, 2021
  • The early bird application deadline is March 19, 2021
  • The standard application deadline is April 09, 2021

Click Certification to be taken directly to the WSHRMA certification/recertification page or click on the link at the top of the WSHRMA webpage for more information!

once your certified-

Did you know there is a SHRM certifcation app for iPhone users? The official certification app from the Society for Human Resource Management, exclusive for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP credential holders. Maintain and grow your SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP via the SHRM Certification app!

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Are you in need of some extra hr help?

Pro-bono HR advice from WWU students

Hello. I am Akanksha Bedi, Assistant Professor of Management at WWU Poulsbo. I am teaching an HR practicum class. The class begins March 30 and I am looking for 4-5 organizations on the Kitsap peninsula that can use some HR specific pro-bono advice/consulting. This is a mutually beneficial exercise. The students will gain some real- world HR experience and the organizations will gain valuable theory and research-based insights into their HR process/needs. 

The main commitment from the organization is to: a.) provide students with info on the organization's HR needs+ answer student questions, b.) attend two classes held on zoom. The first class involves giving a brief 10–15-minute intro about their organization, who they are, what they do and what kind of HR needs they would like to be addressed. Second class would involve attending the student presentations on solutions addressing the organization’s HR needs.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating and if you have any questions. I am available via email at [email protected] OR phone number 626-399-1646.

Leadership Kitsap is again hosting its community’s 20 Under 40 Awards program to celebrate Kitsap’s young business leaders.
Nominations are due March 15th. Nomination forms can be downloaded from our website where you will also find a list of past honorees at

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Ideas and Suggestions

Do you have any suggestions for content?
Are there topics you did not see in 2020 that are needed especially going into 2021?

We love your great ideas, suggestions, comments, and concerns-so we can improve!

Please send them to [email protected]

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